Minimalistic sliding door

A system of minimalistic sliding doors designed for large glazing with a glass surface at 94% of the whole structure, which allows maximum lighting of rooms while minimizing visible aluminum profiles. It is possible to completely hide the door frames around the perimeter, while the width of the central post is only 25mm. Its unique depth allows the installation of glass package up to 54 mm wide, which guarantees the best acoustic and thermal properties for such systems. There are 1 wing + fix configurations, and 2.3, 4 or 6 wings, and the maximum dimensions are up to 4000x4000mm per wing. Introduced the possibility of automated opening, which allows to increase the sash weight up to 700kg (up to 400kg when manually opened). Closing with multi-point locks, both without and with the key. The rollers are in the frame, and the wings have a reinforced rail made of stainless steel, which adds to the smoothness of the slide.

– Maximum sound insulation Rw = 43dB

– Heat transfer coefficient Uw from 0.9

– Profile depth 180 mm