MB-70 – Standard – This profile allows you to create slim and durable constructions. It is distinguished by very good thermal insulation, which is the result of the use of thermal breaks and special gaskets.

MB-70 HI – Better thermal Value – An option with a much higher thermal insulation than the standard profile, special insulating inserts with a very low thermal conductivity coefficient were used in its central part.

– Maximum size 1600×2400 mm  (63” x 94,5”)

– Maximum sash weight 120 kg

– Open inside options: Turn only, tilt and turn, tilt and slide i tilt only. Open oitside: awning, turn only

– Thermal insulation from 1.0 W/m²K

– Frame depth  70mm (2,75”)  ,  sash depth  79mm  (3,11”)

– Maximum glazing thickness 60 mm ( For triple pane 2,36” , for double pane 1,50”)