Aluprof MB 86 window

MB-86 ST – Standard – The main advantage of MB-86 is the high strength of the profiles, enabling the construction of large structures. Thermal insulation in the case of windows reaches up to 1.39 W / (m2K). If you require higher energy efficiency parameters, SI and AERO variants will be interested.

MB-86 SI – high insulation – MB-86 SI is a variant of the system with increased thermal insulation in relation to the standard version. They are recommended for energy-saving construction. The heat loss coefficient is sensationally low and for this profile it is even 0.92 W / (m2K) for windows.

MB-86 – Perfectness of AEROGel – The world’s first aluminum profile that uses modern insulating AEROgel, a material with excellent thermal insulation. Thanks to this innovative solution, the frame heat transfer coefficient for windows is unique Uf ≥ 0.57 W / m2K.

– Maximum size 1700×2800 mm (67” x 110”)

– Maximu sash weight 150 kg

– Open inside options: Turn only, Tild and Turn, Tilt and Slide , Turn only. Open outside: Awning, Turn only

– Thermal Insulation  MB-86 ST Uw from 1,39  ;  MB-86 SI Uw from 0,92 ; MB-86 AERO Uw from 0,57 W / m2K

– Frame depth 77mm (3”)  ,  sash depth  86mm (3,38”)

– Maximum glazing thickness 70mm (2,75” for triple pane , 1,50” for double pane)