CORTIZO 70 Industrial window

The Cor-70 Industrial system is characterized by a compromise of price and thermal parameters with the highest quality finish. It is a universal and economical solution with a heat transfer coefficient from 0.9 W / m²K. The lightness of the structure considerably simplifies assembly and workload, which is a big advantage especially at larger objects. The maximum glazing thickness is 55 mm allowing the use of thick glass, which guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

– Maximum size 1500×2600 mm (59” x 102”)
– Maximum sash weight 160 kg
– Open inside: turn only, tilt and turn, tilt and slide, tilt only
– Open outside: awning, turn,  turn and slide
– Concealed hinges in option
– The thickness of aluminum in the profile is 1.5 mm for windows and 1.7 mm for balcony windows
– Frame depth 70mm (2,75”) sash depth (3,07”)
– Maximum glazing thikness 55mm (2,16” for triple pane and 1,50” for double pane)
– Thickness of thermal break 32-35 mm What gives thermal parameters from Uw = 0.9