MasterLine 8

MasterLine 8 is a new generation system for creating unique windows and doors. This innovative solution presents a number of variants of aesthetic fit to any architectural style, while providing extraordinary properties of thermal insulation and water and air tightness.

MasterLine 8 reflects current architectural trends expecting to maximize the intensity of sunlight, let in by large glazing. With the optimal depth of the window, which is 87mm, it allows you to choose one of three levels of thermal insulation: standard, HI, HI+.

– Maximum dimensions: 2800 x 1200mm

– Min. visible sash/frame width: opening inwards 97mm

– Maximum glazing up to 62mm

– Thermal insulation 119mm: St. 1.9 / Hi 1.6 / Hi+ 1.2 W/m²K

– Sound insulation 45 (-1;-4) dB

– Waterproofing E900 (900 Pa)

– Max. air permeability 4 (600 Pa)

– Resistance to wind load C5 (2000 Pa)