Insect screens

moskitiera ramkowa białystok

Hinge Door net

The hinged insect screen system is designed for balcony doors. It has reinforced bar in the middle and it is mounted directly to the door frame.

moskitiera przesuwna Białystok

Sliding Door Net

The sliding insect screen system is used in large sliding door balconies, terraces and winter gardens. It is mounted directly to the door frame, the mosquito net moves between the upper and the lower rail.

Moskitiery Białystok plisowane

Retractable Net

The retractable insect screen system is perfectly suited for installation on patio doors and in balcony sliding doors to 3.6 meters with. The characteristic feature of this product is the use of a special pleated netting, which when closing folds and hides in the side profile. The advantage of this solution is also a low threshold, which does not hinder the free passage in any way.

Moskitiery Podlaskie

Window Net

The window insect screen system is is designed for all windows that open inwards. The assembly is invasive on rotating hooks adapted to the type of window.